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Keep Your PC Healthy With These Links

A PC exercising Keep Your Windows Updated.

Use an anti-virus program & set it to update automatically. Free anti-virus software is offered by Avast and AVG. Only use one anti virus program as they usually conflict with one another. In case of emergency, free online virus scans are offered by Norton, Panda, TrendMicro and McAfee.

Use at least one anti-spyware program. These rarely conflict with one another, so you can use 2 or even 3. One program may catch spyware that the other missed. Some good free ones are Adaware, Spybot and Malwarebytes.

Keep Your Microsoft Office Products Updated.

Test your safety from hackers here.

Backup your important data. "Backing up' is simply copying. It's best to store your backup or copy anywhere but on your hard drive (a flash drive, burned to a CD, external hard drive...). there are numerous utilities that do this. Windows even has a backup utility.

Other Useful PC Information:

Information on how and where to donate or dispose of your old computer equipment here.

Find out how fast your Internet Connection is here.

View more web content with the free Adobe/Macromedia Flash and Shockwave players.

View PDF files with the free Adobe Reader or the free Foxit Reader.

Other Interesting Information:

How do I get there from here? Yahoo Maps & Directions

An online Telephone Book with white & yellow pages and reverse lookup.

What's the forecast?

Does the government have any of my money?

A bird's eye view of your house! Enter address, city and state in top left hand corner of link.

Get a free copy of your credit report.

An Online Dictionary and Thesaurus .